Unleashed for Summer 2021 ...

... the NEW 'Genesis Series'  from 2B Fishing.

The 2B Genesis Series offers exceptional performance at an affordable price. This rod series uses precision engineered materials to create a perfectly balanced and extremely sensitive fishing tool.

Rod actions crafted by Gregg & Paul Thorne are matched with durable Army Cork handles, hand wrapped PVD coated stainless steel guides and ultra-comfortable reel seats.

Take the 2B Challenge and compare our rods with other brands. You will clearly see the difference in value and performance.


Whether you pursue Panfish, Bass, Walleye or Muskie, each model in the 2B Genesis Series
has been designed to enhance your fishing experience. We incorporate quality
craftsmanship and materials that result in enhanced sensitivity and performance.
Welcome to the Genesis of innovation.

~ Paul and Gregg Thorne


The 2B Genesis Spinning Rod Collection features quality Army Cork handles in a lightweight split-grip design for style, comfort, and sensitivity that will blow your mind. Lightweight and extremely durable Sea Guide PVD coated stainless steel guides with Hero grade reel seats perfectly compliment a variety of rod actions for a full selection of specie specific presentations.

2B Genesis - Spinning Rod Handle -cropped
2B-S66UL-F 6' 6" Ultra Lite Fast $179
2 piece
7' 0" Ultra Lite Fast $179
2B-63ML-F 6' 3" Med. Lite Fast $189
2B-S66M-F 6' 6" Medium Fast $189
2 piece
6' 6" Med. Lite Fast $199
2B-S69MH-F 6' 9" Med. Heavy Fast $199
2B-S610ML-XF 6' 10" Med. Lite Xtra Fast $199
2B-S70ML-F 7' 0" Med. Lite Fast $199
2 piece
7' 0" Med. Lite Fast $199
SB-71M-F 7' 1" Medium Fast $199
SB-73ML-F 7' 3" Med. Lite Fast $199
Genesis baitcast series

Designed for modern bass fishing anglers, the 2B Genesis Baitcasting Series offers unparalleled balance in the hand that is very difficult to achieve in baitcasting rods without adding additional foreign weight to the butt of the rod. Added weight decreases feel and sensitivity, period. The Art & Science of Two Brothers Innovations' rod design comes through in all 4 models including the jungle busting C79H-M.  A limited but truly exceptional series of precision performance bass rods that covers presentations from A to Z for so many bass fishing situations and tactics.

2B Genesis - Baitcast Rod Handle - cropped
2B-C70M-M 7' 0" Medium Moderate $215
2B-C74MH-M 7' 4" Med. Heavy Moderate $215
2B-C79H-M 7' 9" Heavy Moderate $230
7' 10" Medium Moderate $230
Genesis muskie series
2B Genesis - Muskie Rod Handle - cropped 200px

standard Army Cork handle

2B Genesis - Performance Grip Muskie Handle - cropped 200px

Performance Grip handle

2B-MU86H-F 8' 6" Heavy Fast $275
2B-MU90H-F 9' 0" Heavy Fast $285
performance grip handle
9' 6" XX-Heavy Fast $295
telescoping muskie handle
7' 11" - 8' 10" Heavy Fast $275
telescoping muskie handle
8' 6" - 9' 4" Heavy Fast $275
Genesis trolling series
Genesis Walleye Trolling Rod Handle
Genesis Trolling
Walleye 5' 3" Medium Moderate $129
telescopic storing
Walleye 8' 6" Med. Heavy Moderate $159
2 piece
Walleye 11' 6" Med. Heavy Moderate $169
Muskie 8' 3" Heavy Moderate $185
Muskie 8' 6" Xtra Heavy Moderate $185